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June 2, 2022
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December 28, 2022

Material handling, be it shifting or lifting the material is a vital component of a workplace. Inappropriately lifting heavy materials can be a cause of injury for the workers, this is often taken for granted and is executed with very little knowledge and the consequences areserious if this is done incorrectly.

Training for Material Handling

The safety of employees is associated with material handling in distribution centers, warehouses, shop floors, and loading docks. The qualification of safety risks starts with proper training in awareness, procedures, and safety equipment.

Safety training is made mandatory for all the new employees who are involved with lifting, carrying, loading, or transporting materials in any form.

Upgrading equipment is essential

Manual handling of materials can be minimized by up-gradation of the equipment. Usage of Crane, Hydra, Farana as well as forklift are essential equipment, this helps in reducing the material handling risk and increasing productivity and profitability.

Choosing the right equipment

Manual handling of materials can behazardous, time-consuming, and laborious. Many times vibration can also cause noise, but it can also lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders and general employee fatigue. But with the usage of the right equipment, such as wheel materials, it can greatly decrease noise and vibration

Important Things To Remember
  • Material handling has many areas of concernright from gate entry to the destination point where the material has to be placed.
  • Supervising material while lifting and shifting is essential.
  • Taglines to be used while shifting any load.
  • Lifting and shifting of materialshould be done as per the load chart.
  • Reverse horns should be in the working condition of the vehicle.
  • Every task should be completed under a proper work permit system.

Safety is an important part while lifting and shifting materials and training your employees is vital to keepthem safe and free of injuries while at work. Thus, EVIO is your trusted engineering partner with value engineering having a depth of experience across a wide range of industries.