Innovative solution for Industrial Lighting with BBT at Automobile Industry
December 2, 2021
December 24, 2021


Crane / Hydra Selection

  • Operating Radius
  • Ground conditions
  • Weight of load to be lifted
  • Lifting Height

Inspection of Tools & Tackles

  • Lifting Belt, Wire ropes & Slings
  • D-shackle, Bow shackle, Lifting Hook
  • Chain pulley blocks, U-clamps
  • Third Party Test Report

Crane / Hydra Inspection

  • Visual Inspection as per checklist,
  • All legal documents of Crain
  • Authorized & Trained Operator
  • Third Party test Report

Site Management

  • Appoint a Lift Supervisor
  • Selection of Equipment
  • Conduct Risk Assessments
  • Method Statement/Lifting Plan

Safety Gears

  • Lighting Provision for night
  • Healthy Hand Tools
  • Trolley for Material Shift
  • Clean & plain Work Place

Lifting And Shifting Activity

  • Lifting and Shifting activity at workplace is a critical activity for most of the service providers. As team EVIO we are committed to follow Safety practices at all our work locations.
  • This activity has many areas of Concerns starting from Gate entry to the destination point where material has to be placed.
  • Area of Concern starts from legal documents of the lifting and shifting vehicle used, such as Fitness certificate of the vehicle, Valid PUC, Limit switch, Physical checks, Competency of driver etc.
  • Route of the vehicle should be free from obstruction. Route should be defined as from where vehicle has to transit at work place.
  • Signaling person should be competent.
  • Tools and tackles should be physically checked with valid legal document.
  • Supervision while lifting and shifting should be proper.
  • Taglines to be used while shifting of any load.
  • Lifting and shifting to be done as per load chart.
  • Reverse horns should be in working condition of the vehicle.
  • All Activities should be done under proper Work permit system.
  • HIRA, JSA , Work Method Statement should be performed before start of work.
  • All the Valid tools should be used to unbox the material which is going to shifted.
  • All the person working should follow proper PPE guide lines.