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Exclusive for VJTI degree students only


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Deadline before 25th Dec 2019!


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Objective and “Project Idea” Subjects of the Competition:

EVIO, has over the last two years, expanded its technical capabilities to match Industry 4.0 requirements.

As digitization navigates greater inroads into industry, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) is the future.

A wide range of industrial devices with communications technologies enables systems that can: monitor, measure, collect, exchange, analyze, and manifest new insights, which ultimately delivers faster and smarter business decisions.

Adding big data analytics into the mix, nurtures a milieu for higher production efficiency, safety, and financial performance.

Four Industry use cases are provided as study material for the students in the “Reference Document” section for students to download from the competition application page on EVIO website. These industry use cases are directly relevant to the “Project Idea” subjects.

The participants should submit “Project Idea’s” on the following subjects

Smart Sensors & Actuators
Cold Chain (Logistics):
Ensuring product quality by monitoring the entire life cycle of a vaccine.
Download Example
Wireless communications
Industrial Plants / Smart Buildings / Agriculture:
From the perspective of reducing cable plant infrastructure.
Download Example
Energy Harvesting Sensors
Transportation & Smart Cities:
Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance.
Download Example
Smart Energy Meters: (Extracting and Monitoring individual load signature)
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical audits:
a) ISO 50001 perspective.
b) Discovering erratic or phantom loads
Download Example


The Project Idea subjects have been selected to gauge the understanding of the student’s technical capability, futuristic vision and Innovation capabilities.

The competition has 2 stages:

Stage 1

  1. Register for the competition and accept the Terms and Conditions 
  2. Select a subject
  3. Submit your Project Idea for evaluation
  4. Receive your score and your gift for participation.
  5. Receive the Award’s: Top four entries at an award function hosted by the Alumni Association event to be hosted in mid January 2020.
  6. Speak about “Your Idea” to the visitors of the event.

Stage 2

  1. The four winners shall be invited to EVIO’s office in Mumbai to prepare a prototype of their idea or innovation using the equipment defined in Annexure 1. 
  2. EVIO shall provide all other required hardware or software and requisite infrastructure and our own team of engineers to guide and support you at its own cost.
  3. The Successful prototype shall be showcased to industry by the EVIO team along with the Innovator and basis the reviews both EVIO and the Innovator shall together prepare a business plan for manufacturing the product. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. The competition is open to Students of VJTI only
  2. The “Project Idea” shall be scored basis:
    a) Innovative: 35 Marks
    b) Practical: 35 Marks
    c) Economical: 15 Marks
    d) Environmentally friendly: 15 marks
  3. Maximum 3000 words, including a synopsis (max 300 words) Note: block diagrams, circuits, images may additionally provided for the sake of explanation of a concept).
  4. One Student One Subject out of the possible four only, so kindly choose your subject wisely.
  5. Plagiarism is not permitted (we use professional software to check plagiarism), Plagiarized Project Idea shall be rejected.
  6. The Project Idea submitted shall be exclusive to EVIO Pvt. Ltd. for 6 Months and shall not be published, before or after submission.
  7. After 6 months, Project Idea may be published by the student with EVIO’s consent, however EVIO shall retain a non exclusive right to the content of the Project Idea for perpetuity.
  8. EVIO shall publish the Project Idea or use the contents or concepts proposed in the project Idea for commercial gain, however EVIO shall inform the student of such use and shall compensate the student with a onetime fee as determined reasonable by EVIO management in such case.


  1. Best Hundred Entries shall receive an EVIO Branded T’Shirt
  2. The Top Four entries shall receive an Award each as follows:
    • 1st Prize: Cash Prize of Rs. 20,000
    • 2nd Prize: Cash Prize of Rs. 15,000
    • 3rd Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 10,000
    • 4th Prize: Cash Prize of Rs. 5,000