Evio’s Land Mark Project
October 13, 2021
December 4, 2021

Innovative solution for Industrial Lighting with BBT at Automobile Industry

Lighting Bus trucking ranges from 40A to 400A

Industrial lighting through the BBT system using Innovative thinking, quality & fine workmanship, and timely completion by adhering to all safety procedures. Part of a major electrification project done at the leading Automobile factory. The quality of the hanging system was enhanced by replacing the existing “C” clamp system with new innovative double “S” Clamps which ensure the solid rigidity of the entire BBT and Lighting system. Evio went a step ahead by incurring additional costs to implement the new system in order to enhance the quality of installation & by completing well before time. The above erection of BBT with clamps was at height from 8 mtr to 14 mtr height. The 200W Magnetic Induction light fittings were ganged below the BBT by the entire supporting system of clamps and steel wire ropes. This was a fine design, simple for maintenance, and enabled the provision for lighting automation in the same BBT.